CBM Church Planting

CBM... Your Partner in Church Planting

Church Planters are full time servants of God with a pioneering spirit, willing to go into communities in North America to establish fundamental churches where they are needed. Since 1942, Continental Baptist Missions has been providing support services for planting and developing biblically sound and spiritually healthy Baptist churches in North America.

CBM is committed to this work because we are convinced:

  • God continues to draw people for His own to be the body of Christ.
  • God gathers these people into local churches.
  • God has commissioned these local churches with the responsibility to make disciples of all nations.
  • A solid base of biblically sound and spiritually healthy churches is needed in North America reach the lost at home and to send missionaries to make disciples of Jesus Christ in other nations.

CBM Church Planting

CBM provides support services which include:

  • Experience in identifying potential church planting locations
  • A missionary candidate screening process which assures potential supporting churches of the missionary’s call and doctrinal integrity
  • Administrative oversight of missionaries’ financial support
  • Training, mentoring, counseling and encouragement for missionaries who are raising support and those serving on the field.
  • The assistance of missionary builders for a new congregation constructing its first building, and other special ministries

Is God leading you to join CBM in the great work of church planting?