CBM Church Building

CBM... Your Partner in Church Building

The need for new churches is more critical today than ever. One of the challenges young churches face is finding suitable facilities to house their growing ministry. They are less able to do their own construction, building costs are prohibitive, and building codes are increasingly restrictive. There is great value in having help from experienced missionary work teams. The CBM Building Ministry was founded in the early 1960s to provide just such assistance.

The CBM Building Ministry helps in every aspect of construction, beginning with building design and in construction, from the foundation to the steeple—and everything in between. Our assistance normally saves a church plant 30 to 40% in the cost of construction. This significant savings often means the church is able to reach self-support more quickly, enabling the Church Planter to move on and begin another work.

CBM Church Building

Missionary Builders with CBM have sensed a definite leading of God into this ministry. They have been through the same application and screening process as Church Planters, and raise financial and prayer support from local churches and individuals who share their passion and vision.

Along with missionary builders, volunteers and volunteer groups from local churches across North America provide valuable assistance on construction projects.

The CBM Building Ministry involves much more than simply constructing buildings. The goal is to come alongside Church Planters, encourage and assist them in their ministry, and while doing so, see a building built. CBM Builders frequently have opportunities to share the Gospel with sub-contractors, suppliers, and others they meet in the process.

Are you willing to assist in planting and developing biblically sound and spiritually healthy Baptist churches in North America as a missionary builder or a volunteer?