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Precious Truths

Reflections from CBM’s President
by Rev. Bill Jenkin III

Reared in the Rockies of Western Montana, in the heart of logging and mining country, I’ve been exposed to a lot of interesting incidents that have given me “fodder” for writing. As I grow in Christ, one of my greatest needs is to see this life from God’s biblical perspective of eternity, and it is also one of my greatest joys. I originally wrote these to our Missionaries as a source of blessing and encouragement. I trust you will be challenged as you endeavor, by His grace, to cultivate a life that manifests these “Precious Truths.”

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Women Mentoring Women

Spiritual Encouragement for Women
by Terri Jenkin

One of my greatest joys is the opportunity to teach, challenge and encourage ladies through the Word of God and experiences in my own life. I want to share how God strengthens my faith and how, through Christ, we can bear much fruit. To that end I wrote these articles, all of which have been published monthly for the missionary ladies in the CBM mission family. I trust they will be a source of spiritual encouragement to yourself as you read them too…

To contact Terri, please send communications to tjenkin@hotmail.com

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